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Assessor's Office
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Attention Clarkson Residents - If you have recently bought a home in Clarkson and received a letter from a company called Aventine Properties LLC, please contact the Assessor’s office to verify the information in the letter. The Assessor can be reached at 637-1135.

Services Provided

Real Property Valuation:
The Assessor inventories and values Real Property at a uniform percentage of value.

Real Property Exemption Administration:
All exemptions must be filed by March 1st, Taxable Status Day

Most common exemptions:

  • Senior Citizen (Aged)
  • Veterans
  • Agricultural
  • Non-Profit
  • Clergy
  • Persons with Disabilities and Limited Income

STAR (School Tax Relief) program:

  • Basic: Available to all persons who own and live in a one, two or three-family residence, condominium or mobile home cooperative.
  • Enhanced: Available to persons age 65 or older. The property must be the primary residence and household income (income of all owners and owner’s spouses who reside on the property) must not exceed the maximum income allowed for the specified year. For the most current eligibility requirements follow the link for the new or renewal Star Application or contact my office. This exemption must be renewed each year by March 1st .
  • STAR Program Registration - Registration is from August 19 - December 31. View the fact sheet

Assessment Review:

  • Informal reviews upon request are held in March
    • Obtain Informal Review Form (see downloadable forms below)
    • Research sales books-available at Seymour Library or Clarkson Town Hall after March 1st (if applicable)
    • Mail or drop off forms and supporting documentation to Assessor’s Office OR call Assessor’s office to schedule an Informal Hearing (dates to be determined)
    • Informal Hearing results will be mailed during the 1st week of May

  • Board of Assessment Review a.k.a. Grievance Day
    (always the fourth Tuesday in May)
    • Obtain Formal Grievance Form (see downloadable forms below)
    • Call Assessor's office (637-1135) to schedule appointment  (appointments are not necessary, but strongly recommended)
    • It is recommended that the complaint form (including any additional supporting documentation) be filed with the Assessor's office four or more days prior to Grievance Day to avoid possible adjournment or delay.

  • 2018 Tentative Assessment Roll
  • 2017 Final Assessment Roll
  • 2016 Final Assessment Roll
  • 2015 Final Assessment Roll
  • 2014 Final Assessment Roll
  • 2013 Final Assessment Roll

  • Forms for downloading and printing: