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During winter snow removal, town plows will remove snow as close to mailboxes as possible, however, the detailed removal around the box is the homeowners' responsibility. The force of flying snow alone can displace an already weakened box, mount, or post. If town crews damage your mailbox during snow removal, it is not done intentionally. As a courtesy, the Highway Department will repair or replace mailboxes and posts if the damage was a result of the town's work.

Mailbox Replacement Policy
  • The Town of Clarkson is one of a small number of towns that still repairs or replaces mailboxes damaged during snowplow operations.

  • Since there is no statutory or legal authority which grants an owner or resident the right to place a mailbox along a public road in the right-of-way, our repairs and replacements are done as a courtesy and must be limited to standard size steel rural mailboxes and wooden 4x4 posts.

  • Custom posts and mailboxes will not be replaced with anything other than the standard replacements. If you have an expensive and/or decorative mailbox or post, you may want to consider the option of storing it for the winter and replacing it with an inexpensive substitute. This decorative category also includes the one-piece plastic post and mailbox combinations, which are extremely susceptible to winter damage.

Mailbox Installation Policy

  • Make sure that the face of your mailbox is at least 16 feet from the center of the roadway.
  • The bottom of the post or board that the mailbox sits on should be 42" above the height of the road surface.
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