Highway Department
Winter Operations
  • Winter operations begin in November through the end of March, and may be extended into April, if necessary. The Highway Department is manned on a 24/7 basis.

  • The Department endeavors to deliver the best service possible at the least cost to the taxpayers.

  • During a snowstorm, it is the Department’s policy to have bare roads within four hours after the storm ends.

  • The Department will use a variety of products depending on the type of winter storm, the temperature and the time of day.

  • Cars are not allowed to be parked in the streets during winter operations.

  • Snow is not allowed to be blown or plowed from any driveway into the road or onto the sidewalks. It is the property owner's responsiblity to ensure that the road and sidewalks are clean when plowing is completed. Any snow piles left in the road are a major cause of accidents during the winter season.

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