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The 3rd Summer Camp
at the Historic Clarkson Academy

Handwriting Contest

Winners of the Clarkson Historical Society handwriting contest were honored at the Clarkson Academy on January 23. Appearing in three grade categories, left to right in groups of three, one seated and two standing, are: Grades 4 & 5 – Tamsin Spiller (seated), Emma Lenhard (left), Genia Abbey (right). Grades 6, 7, 8 – Auburn Schwartzmeyer (seated), Christina Bishop (left), Hannah VanSkiver (right). High School – Breeana Hagberg (seated), Garrett Sando (left), Madeline Rowley (right).

Photo by Dianne Hickerson
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Handwriting Contest for National Handwriting Day
January 23, 2015
Grades 4 through High School

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A First for the Clarkson Academy—Schoolhouse #2

On Wednesday, October 23, 2013, for the first time in 57 years, Brockport school children were back at their desks upstairs at the Academy building practicing their cursive, while another group was in the “library” reading aloud with their CHS teacher. There was a second class on Oct. 24th, and we will have nine more classes visiting, with the last two on November 13th. A total of over 220 children visited in all. When they arrived, the old school bell rang as they got off the bus, and just before they left one child from each of the two classes got the honor of ringing the bell for the other children. And what interested, enthusiastic and well behaved schoolchildren they were! It was a delight to have them see our wonderful old Academy building, and they seemed to really enjoy their time with us, so we couldn’t be happier.

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Town Historian Leanna Hale with students arriving at the School Ms. Drisdom’s class looking at the outside of the Academy building
A quotation on the blackboard that the children practiced writing in cursive Reading group from Mrs. Johnson’s class
Students from Mr. Albrecht’s class practice writing in cursive Mrs. Purcell’s class in the second floor classroom
Mr. Richardson’s students fold their hands on their desks as requested A student from Ms. Drisdom’s class ringing the bell
A student from Mr. Albrecht’s class ringing the bell Group photo, Mr. Richardson’s class
Group photo, Mrs. Johnson’s class Group photo, Mr. Fiorino’s class
Group photo, Ms. Drisdom’s class Group photo, Mrs. Shannon’s class
Group photo, Mrs. Stoker’s class Group photo, Mrs. Malone’s class
Group photo, Mrs. McCue’s class Group photo, Mr. Albrecht’s class
Group photo, Mrs. McCues second class And the school bus leaves the old Clarkson Schoolhouse


Before and After Photos of Clarkson Academy
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New Clarkson Historical Society Sign

CHS members pictured are Jerry and Karen McAllister. The sign was made by Jerry's nephew's company McAllister Signs. It's the first time ever there has been a sign for the historical society or Clarkson Academy.

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Bill Andrews speaks on Civil War at Oct. 2nd CHS Meeting

As part of the Clarkson Historical Society’s monthly Membership Meeting, well known Brockport historian, Bill Andrews will be talking about his most recent book, 'Civil War Brockport' on Wed. Oct. 2nd 2014 at 7 pm at the Clarkson Academy.

In the book he has also written about Clarkson soldiers who fought in the war. According to Andrews, “Clarkson actually provided the largest number of soldiers for Company A of the 140th NYVI that played a crucial role at the battle of Gettysburg.” He will also be reading from the diary of a Clarkson soldier who died at Andersonville, and adding additional information about Clarkson researched after the publication of this, his fourth book on Brockport area history—two more are currently under contract.

If you are a Civil War buff you won’t want to miss this talk by one of our area’s premier historians who has done so much to make our local history come alive, and who has deepened our understanding of how our local area played an important part in national historic events. The talk is free and open to the public, and all are welcome to attend.

For more information call 637-5810

Schoolhouse Reunion held on Sept. 8th

About thirty people attended and it was a very enjoyable, fun afternoon for everyone. The Schoolhouse bell was rung, the teacher's bell was rung, and the conversations provided smiles, laughter and fond and nostalgic memories. These are some of those who, from all accounts, were lucky to have gone to the wonderful old Schoolhouses back in the 1950's.

Alumni of the Clarkson Schoolhouse, District 2
Alumni of other area Clarkson one room schoolhouses

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