The Clarkson Historical Society

The Clarkson Historical Society was formed in 1997, and since that time the Society has restored the Clarkson Academy and embarked on using the 1853 building in continuing to educate area schoolchildren.

Our mission has become to teach cursive, or the art of handwriting to students throughout the year, and to stimulate a love of learning by emphasizing some of the school experiences from the 1950's, when all you needed to bring to school was a pad of paper and a number 2 pencil.

In January we celebrate National Handwriting Day with a Cursive Contest for elementary thru high school students who are awarded prizes for submitting the best examples of their own cursive writing. We will be offering it for the second time in January 2016.

This summer we have offered the second year of the Clarkson Academy Summer Camp, a four day camp that offers cursive, memorization, local history, games, choral singing and more, to students going into the 4th and 5th grades. In August of 2016 we will be holding the 3rd Annual Summer Camp.

In October we host eleven 4th grade classes on their field trips to the Academy. While there they are introduced to Cursive, including writing on our original blackboards, and to a brief history of Clarkson and a reading lesson. This year was our third year, and to date, over 600 schoolchildren have enjoyed spending time in our old classrooms.

We also offer monthly meetings with speakers on diverse topics, from the Civil War, to local authors. All meetings are open to the public, and we invite anyone interested in the history of our area to join us, or to become members of the organization.

To arrange either individual or group tours of the Academy please call president Mary Edwards at 585-637-5810. Children are always welcome along with their parents.