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September 2023

Information Regarding Sept. 19th Special Meeting

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The Clarkson Town Board held a special meeting on Tuesday, September 19th, 6:00pm at the Stanley Pogrozewski Justice Town Court building to share information regarding the resignation of Town Councilperson Leslie Zink and the early retirement of Town Supervisor Christa Filipowicz. The special meeting was also required to appoint new members to fill these vacancies and authorize members to conduct business on behalf of the Town of Clarkson

Town Councilperson John Culhane called the meeting to order, and Town Clerk Susan Henshaw announced that she received written notice from Councilperson Zink and Supervisor Filipowicz of their intention to step down from their positions as of 9/13 & 9/19 respectively. Councilperson Culhane, on behalf of the residents of Clarkson, thanked Leslie and Christa for their years of hard work, dedication and service to the Town of Clarkson and wished them both the very best in the future

Councilperson Tom Guarino made a motion to appoint Ursula M. Liotta as Clarkson Town Supervisor and Councilperson Nick D’Amuro seconded the motion. The motion was approved unanimously. Supervisor Liotta was sworn in and led the remainder of the meeting

A motion was made to appoint Sharon S. Mattison to the board seat vacated by Councilperson Zink and was unanimously approved. Councilperson Mattison was sworn in.

Councilperson Culhane thanked Ursula and Sharon for stepping up to assume these roles on short notice

Other business conducted during the meeting included appointing John Culhane as Deputy Town Supervisor, authorizing the new Supervisor and Deputy to perform banking transactions on behalf the Town of Clarkson, and canceling the public hearing on the proposed local law #5-2023 scheduled for September 26th 2023 to allow the new board members to familiarize themselves with the details of the proposed legislation.

School Tax Bill Correction

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An issue has been identified with the School Tax Bill that was mailed on August 30. The issue has been rectified and in the next week, all residents will be sent a second tax bill. The new bill will reflect the accurate Star Exemption if it applies to you.

You DO NOT need to call the Tax Collector unless you have already paid the first bill.

Please contact Susan Henshaw, Tax Collector at (585) 637-1130 for further direction.