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The Towns of Clarkson and Sweden have long shared a variety of services in order to provide those services in the most cost-effective way. As such, Clarkson has entered into a new assessment agreement that will allow Sweden’s Assessor Tammy Baker and Assistant to the Assessor Darla Emmerson to become Clarkson’s assessment team as well.
With a combined 39 years of assessment experience, Clarkson residents will receive the same great service that they are accustomed to.

Residents can meet with Tammy and Darla at the Sweden Town Hall at 18 State Street in Brockport, Monday – Friday from 9AM – 5PM, or call the office at 585 637-8683

Tammy Baker, Assessor IAO

Darla Emmerson, Assistant to the Assessor

Real Property Valuation

The Assessor estimates the value of real property in the Town of Clarkson for taxation purposes and prepares the annual assessment roll. On grievance Day, an assessment review board hears property owner complaints and may make adjustments to assessments.

To better understand Property Assessments please review this short video.

Additional Information:

Assessment Review

Informal reviews are held in March upon request and you must complete the Informal Hearing Request Form for residential inquiries which contains questions regarding the property and your comparable sales.

There is a separate questionnaire for vacant land inquiries Informal Hearing Request Form – Vacant Land.

Fill out completely and mail or drop off form and supporting documentation to Assessor’s Office or call to schedulevan Informal Hearing when dates are announced. Note that research sales books are available at Seymour Library or the Clarkson Town Hall after March 1st. Results from the Informal Hearing will be mailed during the first week in May.

Grievance Day and the Board of Assessment Review

Grievance Day is always the fourth Tuesday in May and residents with an assessment grievance should obtain and complete the Formal Grievance Form. Residents should call the Assessor’s Office to schedule appointment which, although not necessary, is highly recommended. The grievance form, including any additional supporting documentation should be filed with the Assessor’s Office at least four days prior to Grievance Day in order to avoid possible adjournment or delay.


Grievance Day Filing Information and Form:

Real Property Exemption Administration

All exemptions must be filed by March 1 which is Taxable Status Day. Common exemptions include senior citizen (aged), veterans, agricultural, non-profit, clergy, and persons with disabilities and limited income.

STAR (School Tax Relief) Program

STAR Program Registration is from August 19 – December 31. View the fact sheet.


Available to all persons who own and live in a one, two or three-family residence, condominium or mobile home cooperative.


Available to persons age 65 or older. The property must be the primary residence and household income (income of all owners and owner’s spouses who reside on the property) must not exceed the maximum income allowed for the specified year. For the most current eligibility requirements follow the link for the new or renewal Star Application or contact the assessor. This exemption must be renewed each year by March 1.

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Additional Information

NYS Department of Taxation and Finance: The State Office of Real Property Services carries out the policies and programs of the State Board.

New York State Assessors’ Association: NYSAA is an organization dedicated to the education and professional advancement of the assessment community in the State of New York.