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Town of Clarkson Water Improvement

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Public Hearing #1 on Water Improvement Benefit Area (WIBA#1)

Wednesday, October 12th, 2022 at 6 pm

Kimball Park Lodge – 8000 W Ridge Road

Clarkson, NY 14420

Public Hearing #2 on Water Improvement Benefit Area (WIBA#1)

Tuesday, November 29th, 2022 at 6 pm

Stanley Pogroszewski Justice Court – 3655 Lake Road

Clarkson, NY 14420

Referendum on Water Improvement Benefit Area (WIBA#1)

Monday, March 6th, 2023 from Noon – 9pmnoon to 9:00 p.m.

Voting held at the Town Hall, 3710 Lake Road

Clarkson, NY 14420

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August 23 Meetings

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There is no regular Town Board meeting scheduled tonight for Tuesday, August 23, however the Town Board will meet to approve the payment of bills at 6:30PM at the Town Hall.

We will then reconvene at the Sweden Town Hall with the Sweden Town Board and Village of Brockport Board to hear the budget presentation from Seymour Library at 7PM.

Attention: Clarkson Parma Town Line Road Residents

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Attention:  Clarkson Parma Town Line Road residents (from W. Ridge Road to Ireland Road)

Monroe County DOT has contracted with the Town of Clarkson Highway Department to mill and pave Clarkson Parma Town Line Road from W. Ridge Road to Ireland Road. Milling is planned for Mon./Tues., August 29th & 30th, and paving is planned for Tues./Wed., September 6th & 7th.  Monroe County DOT is expected to send informational letters to all addresses affected. Construction signs will be placed on the road shortly before work is to start. The work to be done includes, resurfacing the road, installing/widening paved shoulders, providing bicycle/pedestrian provisions, and upgrading road signs. If you have any questions, please call the highway department office at 585-637-1132

Our New Assessor

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We are excited to announce Clarkson and Sweden’s newest collaborative effort! Sweden’s Assessor Tammy Baker and Assistant to the Assessor Darla Emmerson will become Clarkson’s new assessment team on Monday, August 15. Tammy has 26 years of experience in municipal assessment; Darla has been in Sweden’s assessment office since 2008.

Because the two towns work together in so many ways and because they share one common assessing unit already – the Brockport School District, Tammy and Darla are already familiar with many Clarkson properties and residents. In order to combine the assessment functions in the most efficient way, the Sweden Town Hall will serve as the home base. Work time will not be lost traveling back and forth between two different offices; the need for two sets of phone lines, computers and office equipment will be eliminated creating a savings for taxpayers.

Clarkson residents will meet with Tammy and Darla at the Sweden Town Hall, 18 State Street. However, if Clarkson residents don’t want to make the trip to the Sweden Town Hall, they will still be able to drop their paperwork off at the Clarkson Town Hall and it will be forwarded to Tammy and Darla. Grievance Day will still take place individually in each town annually in May.

Sharing assessors is a growing trend locally as it has become more difficult for municipalities to attract and retain staff. The anticipated savings to each Town is $30,000. That is a significant savings for both sets of taxpayers and additionally Clarkson residents gain an assessment team that is both experienced and well-respected. Tammy and Darla can be reached by Clarkson and Sweden residents at 637-8683