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Brockport Fire District

By September 5, 2018April 8th, 2022All Posts, Announcements

To All Residences in the Brockport Fire District, I would like to encourage you to attend and become more aware of the how your fire District works. From the beginning I was a strong supporter and still a positive supporter of the Fire District that was formed back in 2011. As a tax payer in the fire district I strongly believe it was the correct thing to do. The fire Service and its operation is a large stand alone entity that’s requires a dedicated group to administer the operation.

The general public generally believes that Fire commissioners must be or have past fire experience. I agree that this can be very helpful but should not be the deciding factor for a person to  be a commissioner. A fire district is a business that is charged with collecting dollars to be able to support proper Fire Personnel and Equipment to best protect our Families and Properties. Currently The Brockport Fire Department is a 24 / 7 / 365 All-Volunteer Membership.

The district meets on the first and third Monday of each month at the West Avenue fire house at 6:30 pm. The public is always welcome and is encouraged to attend.

The Fire Department and District web site ( is an excellent source for information about meeting minutes and budget information.

Each year there is an Open Public Budget meeting, normally on the third Tuesday in October.

Notices are always posted in the Suburban News. We all should make an effort to attend.

There are 5 elected commissioners, one of which terms come up for election each year. These elections are normally the second Tuesday in December and again are posted  in the Suburban News. I strongly believe and again encourage more residences to attend meetings and then maybe think about a commissioner’s position.

This year commissioner’s election is a little different from the normal as we have two positions to vote on. Earlier this year a commissioner needed to step down, therefore the board appointed a person to finish up the year and then run for the remainder of the term at the yearly election time. Also there is one commissioner’s term up for a full term position.

Thank you,

John Rombaut

Current Member of the Department with 50 years of Service Served as Department Fire Chief and Association President