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Brockport Fire District

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To All Residences in the Brockport Fire District, I would like to encourage you to attend and become more aware of the how your fire District works. From the beginning I was a strong supporter and still a positive supporter of the Fire District that was formed back in 2011. As a tax payer in the fire district I strongly believe it was the correct thing to do. The fire Service and its operation is a large stand alone entity that’s requires a dedicated group to administer the operation.

The general public generally believes that Fire commissioners must be or have past fire experience. I agree that this can be very helpful but should not be the deciding factor for a person to  be a commissioner. A fire district is a business that is charged with collecting dollars to be able to support proper Fire Personnel and Equipment to best protect our Families and Properties. Currently The Brockport Fire Department is a 24 / 7 / 365 All-Volunteer Membership.

The district meets on the first and third Monday of each month at the West Avenue fire house at 6:30 pm. The public is always welcome and is encouraged to attend.

The Fire Department and District web site ( is an excellent source for information about meeting minutes and budget information.

Each year there is an Open Public Budget meeting, normally on the third Tuesday in October.

Notices are always posted in the Suburban News. We all should make an effort to attend.

There are 5 elected commissioners, one of which terms come up for election each year. These elections are normally the second Tuesday in December and again are posted  in the Suburban News. I strongly believe and again encourage more residences to attend meetings and then maybe think about a commissioner’s position.

This year commissioner’s election is a little different from the normal as we have two positions to vote on. Earlier this year a commissioner needed to step down, therefore the board appointed a person to finish up the year and then run for the remainder of the term at the yearly election time. Also there is one commissioner’s term up for a full term position.

Thank you,

John Rombaut

Current Member of the Department with 50 years of Service Served as Department Fire Chief and Association President

Little Library Unveiled

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Today, as the second event for 2018 Good Neighbor Days, the Girl Scouts of Troop 60233 officially gifted the Town of Clarkson with its first Little Library. McKenna Nicholls, Julia Nenni and Kate Biehler earned their Silver Award by designing, constructing and decorating a beautiful wooden little library installed on the walking bridge to the childrens playground at Hafner Park. This library is another way for ‘good neighbors’ to share books and the joy of reading.

Scouts Gift Little Library to Clarkson

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Good Neighbor News!
In early spring the Clarkson Town Board was approached by Girl Scout Troop 60233 with the idea of building a Little Library for the town. With this project they will achieve the Silver Award, the highest award a Girl Scout Cadette can earn, demonstrating they are leaders, organized, determined, and dedicated to improving your community. Little libraries have become popular and grew out of the simple idea of “give a book, take a book” exchanges, usually in a small enclosed case and placed in a public area for easy access by residents.

As the town board meeting continued with discussion about the specifics of the project, Chad Fabry, building inspector for the town was also in attendance. He old those present that a few years prior he had purchased the former Swan Library in the Village of Albion and then generously offered to start the little library out with books from this historic building. The Town Board was enthusiastic and gladly accepted this project on behalf of the residents. Hafner Park was identified as the ideal location and Councilperson Christa Filipowicz would be the liaison for the project and assist with logistics.

Girls Scouts Kate Bieler, McKenna Nicholls and Julia Nenni then began working on the little library. They designed the weatherproof structure details, learned to use various power tools, chalk lines, caulking and nail guns. The result is a beautifully painted little library with a park-like flower theme. The windowed door provides a glimpse at the books inside. In addition to the Clarkson library they are also building a library for Hamlin Beach that will have a beach landscape painting, and another for the Sweden Clarkson Recreation Center that will have a sports theme decor.

Nenni stated there were many cookie sales to raise the money needed for the three libraries, and both Stull Lumber and Lowes donated materials and supplies. In addition, the troop wrote letters to other Girls Scout troops describing their project and asking for donations of books. Troop leaders Vikki Nenni, Roxanne Bieler, and Renee Nicholls are proud of their troop’s accomplishments which also included the bench at the Clarkson’s Memorial Park on Ridge Road, created for their Bronze Award.

Last week the completed library was delivered to Bob Viscardi, highway superintendent, for installation on the walking bridge into the childrens playground. Join us for the unveiling of the Little Library, Tuesday August 21 at 5:30PM during Good Neighbor Days.

Recycling & Sustainability News

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World Food Day Poster Contest

Join the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the United Nations in celebrating World Food Day on October 16. 2018 to bring awareness to the 815 milion people that stull suffer from hunger across the nation.

Pledge to Fight Wasted Food

Did you know that 40% of the food produced in the United States goes uneaten?
Wasting food wastes everything including water, labor, fuel, money and love.
The New York State Association of Reduction, Reuse, and Recycling (NYSSAR#) is currently leading a statewide food recovery campaign to reduce wasted food, redirect surplus food to hungry New Yorkers, and to recycle remaining food scraps.

Together we can take actions at home that will reduce the amount of wasted food in New York State. Join the New York State Food Recovery Campaign in taking the Pledge to Fight Wasted Food!

San Souci Park – Smallest Town Park on the Erie Canal

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San Souci Park

Many residents know about the busy boat launch and park on the Erie Canal, but not many know that this is owned by the Town of Clarkson. San Souci Park (French for ‘without worry’) is located just north of Route 31 at 4159 County Line Road, Brockport.

The park along with a wonderful pavilion, were built by Clarkson’s uber talented highway staff. Not only is the public boat launch a busy place, it is frequented by walkers and bike riders traveling along the Erie Canal, as well as those seeking a calm place to picnic, read, or just relax.

We’re guessing it probably has one of the smallest frontages on the canal but it sure packs in a lot of amenities, including plentiful parking.