Burn Ban March 16 – May 14

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March’s nice weather, combined with all of us staying at home, has led to a jump start on yard work and winter clean-up. Although it’s snowing outside today our Building Inspector wanted to let everyone know that he’s received many complaints this past week on large fires.

PLEASE NOTE: There is currently a burn-ban from March 16 – May 14 that must be observed.
If you would like more info please visit:

Supervisor Filipowicz Declares State of Emergency

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April 3, 2020

Town of Clarkson – STATE OF EMERGENCY
The County of Monroe and the State of New York have declared States of Emergency in response to the COVID-19 outbreak. The outbreak poses an immediate danger to public health and safety which imperils the residents and businesses in the Town of Clarkson. I believe it is in the best interest of the Town of Clarkson and our residents for me to issue a State of Emergency in the Town of Clarkson which will allow me the discretion to use any and all facilities, equipment, supplies, personnel and other resources of the Town of Clarkson in such manner as may be necessary or appropriate to cope with the disaster or any emergency resulting therefrom. In particular, but not in limitation, I anticipate that it will be critical to have Town personnel available to respond to specific, but currently unknowable, needs arising in the Town. Therefore, by the power vested in me, pursuant to Article 2-B of the Executive Law of the State of New York, I hereby declare a state of emergency effective this date at noon within the entire Town of Clarkson, Monroe County, New York. This state of emergency shall remain in effect for the next 30 days unless and until rescinded by me or extended by me for additional 30 day periods. Any residents in need of special or emergency assistance are advised to contact 911. All residents are advised to monitor local media reports for continued updates and advisories.
Christa L. Filipowicz, Supervisor
Town of Clarkson, Monroe County

Highway Department COVID-19 Updates

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Due to COVID-19 precautions, as of Monday, March 30 Town of Clarkson highway employees will no longer be entering residents’ homes for sewer issues. If you believe there is a  problem, please call the Highway Department at 585-637-1132. They will check the sewer main leading into the home. If the issue is not outdoors, please call a licensed plumber to resolve within the home.  

Our swap barn, better known as the “Emporium”, at the Transfer Station is closed indefinitely.

Update COVID-19

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We want to update our community on where we are with town services and to thank our residents for their patience, and how kind they have been to our employees that are working to make sure our services stay top-notch. We are grateful for all who are practicing good social distancing and urge you to please continue to stress this with the younger ones who think they may be less susceptible, however could transmit to those who are more vulnerable. We are a blessed community and want to keep everyone safe! 

The Town of Clarkson has closed all buildings to the public for two weeks at which time the situation will be re-evaluated. All board meetings have been suspended until April 14. Employees will work from home as much as possible and phones are being forwarded. The drop box at the Town Hall will be available for residents for dog licenses, tax payments, etc. All lodge rentals have been canceled through the end of March and rental fees will be fully refunded.

Area courthouses have been closed by the 7th Judicial District until April 30th. 

The Sweden-Clarkson Community Center has been closed as well as the Seymour Library. All employees are asked to wipe down their work space when leaving for the day. 

Councilperson Guarino set up conference call capabilities at the Town Hall to be used for board meetings, as needed in the future.

Building Inspector Kevin Moore disinfected the Town Hall.

Building Department – Residents still wishing to obtain a building permit may submit their paperwork via mail or drop box. Once approved, they can submit payment will mail building permit. 

Roosevelt water line has been suspended to adhere to the social distancing guidelines. 

Transfer Station will remain open as usual. Workers will be instructed to practice social distancing. 

Plans change day-to-day so check back!

Public Meetings Canceled

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The Town Board met Monday, March 16 and have canceled all public meetings– Town Board, Planning Board, Conservation Board, etc. until April 14. All buildings and Lodges will be closed. Refunds will be sent to those impacted by lodge closures. The justice court is also closed. The Transfer Station will remain OPEN.

Staff is working on a limited basis in order to maintain service. Each department is monitoring emails, phone calls and performing essential duties.

Unfortunately the Roosevelt Highway water project has paused as we are unable to meet the social distancing recommendations inside the trench and want to keep all employees safe and healthy.

We thank you for your patience during this time. We have a talented and dedicated staff, splitting shifts, working at odd hours and from home to make sure everything goes smoothly. We are blessed!

If you have questions please email me at or post on my Facebook page Town of Clarkson Supervisor

Town Offices Closed to Public

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In light of rapidly escalating reports from the governor and the Department of Health the Clarkson Town Hall and the Highway Office will be closed to the public. Our staff will be reporting to work but will restrict their exposure in order to provide essential government services.

All town meetings will continue as scheduled but will be closed to the public as permitted by Governor Cuomo’s Executive Order 202 which modifies the rules of Open Meetings. If you have questions you may email us or call the appropriate office. Our conference phone line may be utilized for meetings and public hearings. If implemented, the phone number and access code will be posted online. It will be on our website and listed in the “Minutes & Agenda” section of the appropriate Board. 

Town Clerk   (585) 637-1130
Taxes and dog license requests with required documents should be dropped off in the drop box next to the front door of the Town Hall. Please use an envelope with your name address and phone number on the front so we can call you if we have questions. They will be processed during regular business hours. The Town Clerk will return your paperwork via US Post Service. Passports will not be processed at this time. Please use to inquire about other services.

Highway Department   (585) 637-1132
Superintendent Bob Viscardi plans to continue to work on projects as usual, however the office will be closed to the public. Transfer Station will remain open regular hours. If you need to contact the department please email Please review our website for other phone numbers.

Other Contacts:
Building Inspector Kevin Moore: (585) 637-1145 or
Assessor Liz Spencer: (585) 637-1135  or Supervisor Christa Filipowicz: (585) 637-1131 or

Town Board Meeting

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The Supervisor has called for a Town Board Meeting, Monday March 16 at 5:30PM. The meeting will be held at the Town Hall and will have limited occupancy as directed by the Monroe County Department of Health. Agenda: COVID-19