Job Opening

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The Town of Clarkson is accepting applications for a part-time custodian.  Will include evenings and weekends.  If interested, please send a letter of interest by May 6, 2019 to Christa Filipowicz at or P.O. Box 858, Clarkson, NY  14430. 

Certificate of Appreciation

By Announcements

At the Clarkson Town Board Meeting last night Councilperson Smith presented a Certificate of Appreciation to Sheriff Deputy Joseph Resch from the Crime Prevention Office for his dedication to the Town of Clarkson and it’s residents.   Deputy Resch helped run a Safety Workshop with Town residents in May of 2018 as well being a part of Good Neighbor Days Event in August.  Councilperson Smith stated “People are and will always be our greatest asset to our town.  We thank you for your abilities and contribution which are an important key to the success of our community.  Please accept our heartfelt thanks and good wishes on your Retirement.”  Deputy Resch is retiring from the Monroe County Sheriff’s Department after 32 years of service.