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Eclipse Preparation and Important Information (Updated 3/25)

By March 13, 2024March 25th, 2024All Posts
We are less than one month away from this once-in-a-lifetime event. The Clarkson-Brockport-Sweden area is the center of the eclipse in Monroe County, and we expect a very large influx of observers. The eclipse duration is from 2:07 – 4:33 pm, with total darkness from 3:20 – 3:24 pm. We are striving to find the balance between safeguarding our residents and our taxpayers’ assets, while being a welcoming community and enjoying this awesome event.
Below are facts and suggestions we have gathered from many resources, including the Monroe County Executive’s Office, Monroe County Sheriff’s Office (MCSO), Monroe County (MCDOT), Monroe Ambulance, local fire departments, etc.
  • The MCSO predicts that traffic on the day of the eclipse, and perhaps in the days leading up to and the day after, will be very heavy and to expect gridlock. We should all plan accordingly, including, being where you plan to observe the event as early as 8 am on April 8th, and expecting to stay there until 6-8 pm.
  • The MCSO will do its best to keep the volume of traffic moving on major area roads and will utilize drones to assess congestion or other issues. They have contracted with three towing services for the removal of disabled vehicles or those parked in restricted areas.
  • Area schools are closed for the day which will lessen the traffic.
  • Monroe Ambulance plans to have additional ambulances staged strategically and the fire departments plan to have personnel stationed at all firehouses.
  • Due to the volume of additional cell phone users in the area during this time, cell service may be limited. The MCSO has contracted with Verizon to provide an extra tower to help alleviate this problem.
  • The Town Clerk’s Office, Supervisor’s Office and Building Department, all located at Town Hall, will be open 8-noon; however, we ask that you postpone any routine business to another day. The Court will be closed. Our Assessor’s Office, located at Sweden Town Hall, will be open. The Highway Department will be managing the town parks and working closely with MCDOT and MCSO, where needed. All emergencies will be referred to 911.
  • Sans Soucie Park on the Erie Canal, Hafner Park on Lake Road, and Kimball Park on Ridge Road will be open, but the lodges will be closed. No special events are planned at any of the parks. The parking areas will be marked and managed by the Highway Department. Extra temporary bathrooms will be at each park. The Seymour Library will be open and offering special eclipse programs throughout the day. Please refer to the website for more information: We encourage you to plan to walk to our parks or the library.
  • You may pick-up free eclipse glasses from the Town Hall while supplies last; two per household; must show proof of residency.
  • We are not providing ‘No Parking’ signs for residents.
  • We strongly suggest that you view Monroe County’s website which offers additional practical information, including, planning ahead to buy groceries, medications, etc., rescheduling personal appointments, and/or delaying any home deliveries on the days before or after April 8th. Also, make sure your vehicles are fueled and/or charged.
  • Please continue to monitor the Town of Clarkson website at, and its social media pages for any changes or updates. With a little pre-planning, we can all enjoy this spectacular event.
– Ursula Liotta, Supervisor, Town of Clarkson