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Robert M. Viscardi

Superintendent of Highways

Kelly Sprague

Highway Clerk

Contact Information

Telephone: (585) 637-1132

Highway Dispatch:  (585) 734-9063
Fax: (585) 637-1142

Emergencies:  911

Office & delivery address: 3623 Lake Road, Brockport, NY 14420
Mailing Address:  3710 Lake Road, PO Box 858, Clarkson, NY 14430


April through October

Monday – Thursday: 6am – 4:30pm
Friday: Closed

November through March

24 hrs per day, 7 days a week

Mission & Responsibilities

The roads in Clarkson are vital lifelines of the community and the Highway Department is dedicated to improving and maintaining an efficient road system to ensure the safety of the general public. We strive to have open lines of communication with all town residents in order to operate more effectively and efficiently.

The Highway Department is responsible for road construction, repairs, and maintenance; mowing town and county roadsides; maintaining all park lands, the Transfer Station, West Clarkson Cemetery; mitigating drainage issues; and maintenance of detention ponds, sanitary storm and sewer line systems; culvert pipe replacement and ditching; dead animal pick-up; and generating revenue for the Town of Clarkson through maintenance and construction contracts with New York State and Monroe County.

Highway Department Projects and Brush/Junk Days

Brush & Leaves 

BRUSH: Starting Monday 10/24, Highway will make one pass down each road in town to pick up brush cut in 6’ lengths, placed parallel with the road.

LEAVES: On Mondays 10/24, 10/31, & 11/7, Highway Dept will pick-up leaves in paper bags only throughout town.

OR: dump your brush/leaves inside the Highway Dept. fenced area @ 3623 Lake Rd. MTh. 73:30 until 11/15, or yearround at the Transfer Station, 3078 Redman Rd. (1mile N of Ridge) Wed. 27, Sat. 84. No dump permit required.

OR: reserve the 6 x 12 brush dump trailer yearround by calling Highway @ 6371132 to schedule an appointment. We will drop off and pick up the trailer at your home @ no charge.

Junk Days

Friday, October 21 from 7 – 3
Saturday, October 22 from 8 – 4

Highway Department, 3623 Lake Road (North Entrance)

Maximum of 5 pick-up truck loads per Clarkson household @ no charge.

Please see all details on the notice below. Questions?  Call Highway @ 585-637-1132

Brush & Junk Dump Info - Fall 2022

Transfer Station

The Town offers residents a cost-effective option for the disposal of garbage and household items.

More information may be found on the Town Clerk’s page.

Town Clerk's Page

Winter Operations

November through March/April, the Highway Department is manned 24/7 to deliver the best service possible at the least cost to the taxpayers. During a snowstorm, it is our policy to have bare roads within four hours after the storm ends. We will use a variety of products depending on the type of winter storm, air temperature, and time of day. Cars are not permitted to be parked on the street or right-of-way in town during the winter season months.

Residents may not blow or plow snow from any driveway into the roadway or onto sidewalks. It is the property owner’s responsibility to ensure that the road and sidewalks are clean when plowing/blowing is completed. Snow piles left in the road are dangerous and may cause accidents.

During winter snow removal, town plows will remove snow as close to mailboxes as possible, however, the detailed removal around the box is the homeowners’ responsibility. The force of flying snow alone can displace an already weakened box, mount, or post. If town crews damage your mailbox during snow removal, it is not intentional. As a courtesy, Highway will repair or replace mailboxes and posts if the damage was a result of the town’s work. (See replacement policy)

Snow Parking Ordinance

There is a snow parking ordinance in effect in the Town of Clarkson from mid-November to mid-April for snow operations. Any vehicle parked in the road or right-of-way is in violation of this ordinance and your vehicle may be towed. We appreciate your cooperation and be sure to share this info with guests to your home. If you have questions, please call the Highway at 637-1132.

Mailbox Placement and Replacement Policy

Clarkson is one of only a small number of towns that still repair/replace mailboxes damaged during snow operations. Since there is no statutory or legal authority that grants an owner or resident the right to place a mailbox along a public road in the right-of-way, our repairs/replacements are a courtesy and must be limited to standard size steel or plastic mailboxes and wooden 4×4 posts.

If you have an expensive custom and/or decorative mailbox or post, you may consider storing it for the winter and replacing it with an inexpensive substitute.  Decorative mailboxes include the one-piece plastic post/mailbox combinations, which are extremely susceptible to winter damage.

Mailbox Installation Policy

Make sure that the face of your mailbox is at least 16 feet from the center of the road. The bottom of the post or board that the mailbox sits on, should be 42″ above the height of the road surface.

Brush Trailer for Residents' Use

The 6’ x 12’ dump trailer with 2’ sides and is offered as a courtesy for residents to use. Contact the highway office at 637-1132 to schedule a drop-off date.

  • First come, first served subject to availability; and you may reserve consecutive days.
  • Monday – Thursday morning drop-off; we will pick up the loaded trailer the following morning or Monday for a Thursday drop off
  • Drop-off needs to be on pavement or stone.
  • Trailer will be locked and cannot to be moved once it’s in place on the driveway.
  • Trailer is to be used for brush only, and not be filled higher than the sides.

Driveway Tile and Enclosed Drainage Installation

As a service to Clarkson residents, and as time permits, the highway crew will install a tile for a new driveway entrance, replace a driveway tile, or enclose a ditch. A quote will be provided, and the resident will pay for the cost of materials only.

Project Quote Form

Street Lights

The Town of Clarkson does not repair or replace any streetlights; they are owned and maintained by National Grid. To report any malfunctioning streetlights, please call National Grid directly at 1-(800)-642-4272; follow the prompts and you will speak with a representative.  Be ready to provide the pole number, street name, location on the street, and a description of the problem.

Traffic Signals

For any malfunctioning traffic signal on NYS roads* please call NYS Traffic Signals at (585) 753-7790.

For any malfunctioning traffic signals on Monroe County roads* please call Monroe County Traffic Signals at (585) 753-7760.

*If the traffic signal lights have a green casing they are NYS jurisdiction and if they have a yellow casing they are Monroe County jurisdiction.

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