Ian E. W. Penders

Town Justice

PO Box 803 3655 Lake Road, Clarkson, NY 14430

Christopher T. Wilcox

Town Justice

PO Box 803 3655 Lake Road, Clarkson, NY 14430

Hours & Contact Info

Court Clerks Office:

The Courthouse will be open Monday – Thursday, from noon – 5PM.

Please leave a voice message during the off-hours and include your birth date.


The Clerk’s emails are the following:

Cody Steffen clerk to the Judges: CSteffen@clarksonny.org


If you need to make a payment use the following online site:



PLC code a003kf for Judge Wilcox

PLC a00kg for Judge Penders



P.O. Box 803, 3655 Lake Road, Clarkson, NY 14430
p: (585) 637-1134
f: (585) 637- 1140


Small Claims Information

Small Claims Court is an informal court where individuals can sue for money only, up to $3,000, without an attorney. A filing fee of $10 is due if your claim is $1000 or less, and $15 if claim is more than $1000.

You may be represented by an attorney at your own expense, but it is not necessary since Small Claims Court is meant to be a people’s court where claims may be tried speedily, informally, and inexpensively.

Anyone over 18 years of age can bring an action in Small Claims Court. If you are younger than 18, a parent/guardian may file the claim for you. Corporations, partnerships, associations, or assignees cannot sue in Small Claims court, but they can be sued. In order to bring a small claims action against someone in the Town of Clarkson, the person you wish to sue must live or own a place of business within the Town of Clarkson. You will be required to supply the correct spelling of the person’s name and their current address.

Small Claims Form