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Outdoor Dining in Clarkson

By June 3, 2020Announcements

Governor Cuomo announced outdoor dining at restaurants will now be permitted in phase two of reopening as of June 4th. Outdoor tables must be spaced six feet apart, all staff must wear face coverings and customers must also wear face coverings when not seated.

* Because outdoor seating is not permitted per Clarkson’s Town Code I have issued the following executive order to assist our restaurants:


Permitting of Outdoor Seating for Restaurants
Relating to the COVID-19 Disaster Emergency

WHEREAS, on June 3, 2020, I extended a State of Emergency for the Town of Clarkson; and

WHEREAS, restaurants have been closed other than for permitted curbside/indoor pick-up or delivery during the New York State COVID-19 Pause and is expected to continue;

WHEREAS, the Town of Clarkson is in favor of a gradual and safe reopening of businesses consistent with guidelines provided by New York State and Monroe County.

WHEREAS, restaurants must abide by all health and safety regulations and permits, and secure a temporary permit from the Town of Clarkson;

NOW, THEREFORE, I, Christa L. Filipowicz, Supervisor of the Town of Clarkson, by virtue of the authority vested in me:

1. Do hereby temporarily suspend any provision of the Clarkson Town Code which would otherwise prohibit outdoor seating at permitted restaurants from the date of this Executive Order through October 31, 2020;

2. Do hereby allow open outdoor dining space for permitted restaurants in the Town of Clarkson through October 31, 2020;

3. Do hereby direct the Building Inspector/Code Enforcement Officer to immediately develop standards for outdoor seating consistent with the New York State Building Code and with safety guidelines related to COVID-19 promulgated by New York State and Monroe County and, upon compliance, issue a temporary permit for outdoor seating; and

4. Direct that no fee be charged for the review of plans or issuance of the temporary permit.

Christa L Filipowicz
Supervisor for Town of Clarkson