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Update COVID-19

By March 19, 2020April 8th, 2022All Posts, Announcements

We want to update our community on where we are with town services and to thank our residents for their patience, and how kind they have been to our employees that are working to make sure our services stay top-notch. We are grateful for all who are practicing good social distancing and urge you to please continue to stress this with the younger ones who think they may be less susceptible, however could transmit to those who are more vulnerable. We are a blessed community and want to keep everyone safe! 

The Town of Clarkson has closed all buildings to the public for two weeks at which time the situation will be re-evaluated. All board meetings have been suspended until April 14. Employees will work from home as much as possible and phones are being forwarded. The drop box at the Town Hall will be available for residents for dog licenses, tax payments, etc. All lodge rentals have been canceled through the end of March and rental fees will be fully refunded.

Area courthouses have been closed by the 7th Judicial District until April 30th. 

The Sweden-Clarkson Community Center has been closed as well as the Seymour Library. All employees are asked to wipe down their work space when leaving for the day. 

Councilperson Guarino set up conference call capabilities at the Town Hall to be used for board meetings, as needed in the future.

Building Inspector Kevin Moore disinfected the Town Hall.

Building Department – Residents still wishing to obtain a building permit may submit their paperwork via mail or drop box. Once approved, they can submit payment will mail building permit. 

Roosevelt water line has been suspended to adhere to the social distancing guidelines. 

Transfer Station will remain open as usual. Workers will be instructed to practice social distancing. 

Plans change day-to-day so check back!