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Nov 2022 Early Voting Times and Location

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Full information site:

For the Clarkson area, our early voting location is the Sweden Clarkson Community Center, located at 4927 Lake Rd in Brockport.

The voting times are as follows:

10/29/2022 Saturday, 9:00:00 AM – 5:00:00 PM

10/30/2022 Sunday, 9:00:00 AM – 5:00:00 PM

10/31/2022 Monday, 9:00:00 AM – 5:00:00 PM

11/01/2022 Tuesday, 11:00:00 AM – 8:00:00 PM

11/02/2022 Wednesday, 9:00:00 AM – 5:00:00 PM

11/03/2022 Thursday, 11:00:00 AM – 8:00:00 PM

11/04/2022 Friday, 9:00:00 AM – 5:00:00 PM

11/05/2022 Saturday, 9:00:00 AM – 5:00:00 PM

11/06/2022 Sunday, 9:00:00 AM – 5:00:00 PM

For more information, please visit the link below.

August 23 Meetings

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There is no regular Town Board meeting scheduled tonight for Tuesday, August 23, however the Town Board will meet to approve the payment of bills at 6:30PM at the Town Hall.

We will then reconvene at the Sweden Town Hall with the Sweden Town Board and Village of Brockport Board to hear the budget presentation from Seymour Library at 7PM.

7/26 Board Meeting at Town Court Building

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 Tonight’s (7/26) Board meeting will be held at the Town Court Building, not the Town Hall, located at 3655 Lake Road North, held at 6pm this evening.


Tonight’s meeting will have discussion on town-wide water and historical preservation grants.


Update – Experienced difficulties with Wi-Fi at the courthouse – we were not able to stream the meeting. We had moved the meeting due to public attendance and available space